Installation Guide

Before downloading the software, you will need to disable your anti-virus. This is due to the nature of the software and how it interacts with your game. All products sold by TGModz are completely safe and do not contain any form of malicious code.

Install the Loader

  1. Navigate to the Exodus library.

  2. Click on download on Red Dead Redemption 2 & Online.

  3. Open the .rar folder and extract it.

  4. Type in your search bar %appdata%. Head to your Exodus client and input your Account registered on Website in Credentials.json and save it.

  5. Load RDR2 into story mode.

  6. Open Xenos64.exe from the extracted folder and click on add button and add the ExodusRDR2Lite.dll

  7. Click on the drop down menu next to process and select RDR2.exe.

  8. Click on inject to inject the menu to RDR2.

You have now successfully injected the menu into the games process. Useful Links: - Xenos Injector

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