How Do I Login?

This portion will provide instructions on utilizing your login details for your FiveM Account.

Where Is My Login?

  1. Upon completing the purchase, you'll be directed to a page displaying your order details right away.

  2. An email containing your order information will be sent to you (sometimes found in your spam folder).

  3. You can review your orders on the website by navigating to the Account -> Orders section.

How do I Login?

To ensure the correctness of your login, start by logging into the Rockstar Games Launcher (No need to verify the 2FA code). Once the login is confirmed functional, you can proceed with the steps outlined below. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Press the "Windows + R" keys simultaneously to open a command prompt.

  2. Enter "%appdata%". Then, backtrack by one folder to locate your local drive. Inside the local folder, you'll find the "DigitalEntitlements" folder.

  3. Once you've identified the folder, you can delete it entirely (including from the Recycle Bin).

  4. Launch FiveM, and you'll be prompted to log into the Rockstar Games Launcher. Use your FiveM Account login credentials at this stage.

  5. If asked for a 2FA code, you can acquire it from

  6. There's no need to create or utilize a new CFX account.

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