Ovix Information

Ovix stands out as a mod menu designed for Grand Theft Auto 5, renowned for its affordability in comparison to other options available in the market. This affordability has made it a favored choice among gamers seeking to elevate their gameplay without straining their finances.

Within this menu, players can explore an array of modifications and features, including vehicle spawns, weapon unlocks, and more. It boasts a user-friendly interface and is fully compatible with both single-player and multiplayer modes.

All in all, Ovix presents an excellent solution for players desiring to inject some extra excitement into their GTA 5 adventures without the need for a substantial financial commitment. This documentation will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the Ovix GTA V menu.

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Windows 10 Compatible: ✔

Windows 11 Compatible: ⚠

Note: The menu may be untested on Windows 11 and therefore be unstable or not work as intended.

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