Installation Guide

Here is where you will find full detailed instructions on installing Rebound.

  1. Head to the Rebound website here (

  2. Register an account using an email, username and password. You will have to wait for a site administrator to approve your account.

  3. Once approved, login and head to the software download page here (

  4. Before downloading the software, you will need to disable your anti-virus. This is due to the nature of the software and how it interacts with your game. All products sold by TGModz are completely safe and do not contain any form of malicious code.

  5. Once downloaded, run the "loader.exe" file.

  6. Head to the "Activation Tab" within the software and enter your website credentials and license key then select "Activate".

  7. Head to the "Login Panel" and login with your website credentials.

  8. Launch GTA 5 and load fully into Story Mode.

  9. Head to the "Products" tab and select your product version then click "load".

You have now successfully injected the menu into the games process.

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