Installation Guide

🔑How Do I Redeem My Susano License Key?

Go to Susano Website. Link

Press log in on the top right. Go to Settings on the top and type in your key on the redeem tab. Press download at the top and your ready to go

1: Before opening the loader download: and delete xbox related applications (as fivem logs xbox accounts)

2; And log out of microsoft accounts in Settings>Accounts And Click on sign in with a local account instead

3: Go back to Settings>accounts>Email & Accounts and unlink them

4: Use a VPN if you have one

5: Switch to another steam account

6: Unlink Fivem from discord you can do this via going to User Settings (bottom left) > Authorized Apps > on the search bar search "fivem" and Deauthorize it (When loading up the game its going to ask you to and just click on Cancel/No

7: launch susano and spoof

8: Make sure to use a fresh rockstar account that hasnt been banned you can buy some from our website or /

9: launch your game and have fun

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